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Many thanks to mario mendoza codice's keboard player forgiving us the time for the interview. 

1. ¿ When and how did the idea to form codice was  born?
Codice emerges as a project more or less 10 years ago. The brain behind the concept was Marco corona who was composing progressive music and was searching for musicians. Marco Corona arrived to Monterrey in 1992 at that time he contacted fernando gamez (who became our first drummer) and so the plans to forma a band begun.  Fernando got hold of yours truly (mario Mendoza-keboards) and then i talked to marco gil (our first bass player). With this configuration we took our first stepsand finally hector gil joins us with his vocals constituting the original band.

2. ¿Who are codice’s members?

3. ¿How did you came about with the name codice?
You can learn a lot from ancient cultures through their codex. In these codex remain the message of a specific place and time. through our music We want to express our reality.

4. Where did the members got the interest for music?
first trhough the great musicians that you are exposed to (regardless of the genre). then you discover an instrument and from then onwards the direct contact with live musicgives you constant feedback. 

5. ¿ What do you think about the need of formal musical instruction vs autodidactic? Do you think these influences how successful a group is and the quality of the music they make?
its influence is really important, although it is not an absolute law. There are very amazing autodidactic musicians, they have the touch , it is in their nature. but for people like us that lack the talent, studying helps us to better understand what happens within music itself and allow us to grow as performers and composers. 

6.-¿ Who or whom has influenced in  codice's music?
many, the list is long but i can probably mention KING CRIMSON, GENESIS, YES, EL&P, BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO, UNIVERSE ZERO, FOCUS, LE ORME, ETC

7. ¿Which are the main difficulties you have had to overcome? progressive music's minimal or nill promotion associated with the lack of knowledge of its existance by most people. THere are also the economical issues, such as high repair costs when the equipment fails (that has happened often lately). 

8. ¿Which are your most satisfactory moments?
the moment we step on the stage to play... meaning, each and every one of our presentations. 

9. ¿Why did you chose Progressive/Symphonic music?
we are influenced by it. although lately we are getting involved in different styles, such as ZEHUL (MAGMA's school) and  ROCK in opossition which probably will show in our next album.

10. ¿How do you define codice’s style and personality? 
we try to be a serious group, we try not to change because of the ffashion or pressures. We try to express our true and real taste. For us it is more important to offer an honest work and enjoy it. If money comes with it it is great, if not, our position is still the same.

11. do you think that part of your success may be due to having start the project in california and your contact with the music scene in californian?
NO, in fact most of the work was developed in monterrey (mexico), although we cannot deny the enormous help we received by DAVID OVERSTREET from aRT SUBLIME's label.

12.-Certainly having the support from Art Sublime has been crucial in your success. do you think this is the way other groups should follow to succeed?
that is a difficult (and compromising!!! ha,ha,ha) question. My personal opinion is that no, not necesarily, everybody has to find their own pathto follow. But as you mentioned, in our own case the support from ART SUBLIME HAs been very important.

13. ¿What is your opinion regarding the reasons for most of our progressive musicians and groups to have a short lived existence? ¿How do you see yoursleves with respect to the others?
There is a significant influence from the mexican economy. Progressive music is not a money maker machine. this forces musicians (that like progressive music )to engage in other works and comitments that have a better reimbursement,Eventualy they get saturatedwith all these ocontracts and duties that then they lack the time and \/or energy required for progressive music.  I don't think there is one place where progressive is well paid, however in first world countries musicians do not have to saturate themselves with other engagements to sustain themselves, therefore they have more time...the conditions are different and this is true in other manifestations of art. In our case we have different jobs and activities but the love for this kind of music makes us find time for codice. 

14. With the latest technological advances, one would think that progressive/symphonic and experimental/electronic music should have had a great comeback. Why do you think this has not been the case?
We believe that in fact it has happened, but is differnet than what happened in the 70's. Perhaps it is not noticeable because it is not music for the masses, but currently there are many people with incredible ideas. Times have changed over the last two decades and all these changes are seen in the new prog, experimental, electronic and other  musicians.

15. ¿How do you see the musical scene in Mexico and what do you think aabout televisa's monopoly and manipulations?
 In mexico we have everything: superb, good, mediocre and bad musicians. Televisa's artits belong to the last two categories (with few exceptions). Promotion is given only to those that are biusiness only...just to make money regardless of the quality.  TV AZTECA is just the same, just remeber what EMILIO AZCARRAGA JEAN said: "we produce lousy tv because mexicans are fucked" comments. 

16.-How do you envision the future of progressive music and in particular of hispanic progressive rock?
We have high hopes that it will continue to grow and expand, We also hope that new bands wil appear and will share their views to the prog scene. 

20. ¿Which are codice’s future plans?
Continue to playand promote our CD alba y Ocaso and work in our new material to be included in codice's next CD.

 many thanksto codicefor opening up your doors and share your experiences with us.