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Sakre (Spain):
    Keyboard based group with some classical tendencies.
Bitzitako Gauza

Sebastian el Toro (Cuba):
     Group formed by Abel Omar Perez (Ex Perfume de Mujer): Keyboards, Pedro Pablo Pedroso (Ex Musica D'Repuesto): Violin, vocoder and radio, Orlando Bernal (Ex Perfume de Mujer y Musica D'Repuesto): Electric guitar, Igor Urquiza (Ex Naranja Mecanica): Electric guitar and Danilo Mole: Electric guitar.
   Their music is experimental and  full with synthesizers and effects.

Sui Generis (Argentina):
    A mixture of jazz fusion and progressive symphonic style with beautiful lyrics and nice vocals. They achieved a personal sound thanks to the folk influence blended in their style.
Pequenas Anecdotas Sobre las Instituciones (Small stories on the whereabouts of institutions)
Confesiones de Invierno (Winter confessions)
Vida (Life)
Adios (Bye)
Antologia (Anthology)

Tarántula (Spain):
    Quintet lead by vocalist Rafael Cabrera and Vicente Guillot with a keyboard oriented sound brilliantly supported by drums and bass. Their style is a mixture of Spanish folk, blues and classical music; in fact the vocals range from full opera to the best of blues.

Tempano (Venuzuela):
    Jazz oriented group with folk/latin influences and a fresh keyboard based instrumentation. Particularly interesting in their sound is the combination of vocals and use of vibraphone.
Atabal Yemal
Pesadilla Sin Final (Endless nightmare)

The High Fidelity Orchestra:
    Formed by Gilberto Gonzalez: Bass and keyboards, Rene Romero: Guitars, Raymundo Barajas: Drums and marimba, Jesus Gonzalez: Guitars, synthesizers, piano, analogue sequencer, marimba and percussions.
    Their music is an intricated improvisation layered upon guitars and strongly supported by a firm rhythmic section. The use of the marimba gives them a different flavor and their own identity.
The High Fidelity Orchestra

Tizoc Briseño (Mexico)
He has at least one album that has been clasified within the urban genre. He has worked with several geniuses of the progressive scene (Arturo Meza amongst others). He started the mid 80's avant gard group: Fosa Comun. There is a demo that for unknown reasons has not been released. 

Triana (Spain):
    Considered the fathers of Flamenco progressive sound with tons of synthesizers and mellotron sounds layered upon  beautifully played guitar in the best of Spanish tradition and incredibly poetic lyrics.
El Patio (The Patio)
Hijos Del Agobio (Anguish Sons)
Sombra Y Luz (Lights and shadows)
Un Encuentro (An Encounter)
Llego El Dia (The Day Arrived)
Concierto Basico 1980 (Basic Concert)

Via Lactea (Mexico):
Via Lactea was a duo with Carlos Alvarado and Miguel Angel Nava. After the firstrelease Nava split, and Carlos remains as the only member of  Via Lactea supported by Jorge Reyes, Arturo Meza and other musicians. His music is more electronic/ambient with tons of keyboards and flutes/wind instruments. Definitely beautiful meditative music sometimes it resembles passages from Chac Mool (where Carlos, Jorge and Arturo played)
Via Lactea (Milky Way)
En Concierto (Live)

Voldarepet (Mexico):
   Late 70's trio that created space rock sound with melodic passages based on guitars and keyboards.

Vytas Brenner y La Ofrenda (Venezuela):
    Synthesizer based band with latin jazz style layered upon a strong keyboard sound There are spatial synthesizer created sounds strongly supported by the rhythm section, particularly the drums.
Hermanos (Brothers)
Estoy Como Quiero (I am too good)
La Ofrenda (The offering)
En Concierto (In concert)

Xiquis was officially born the first week of 1997 with Germán in the keyboards and Ezequiel in the guitars. After more than a decade, the encounter of this two musicians led to the idea of joining forces with the goal in mind of working to bring to light music that up to that moment had been buried, awaiting the ideal moment to blossom in the hands of a definite project. A project called Xiquis.
German has been working as a solo musician, however he has had some collaborations in several groups, mainly in the venue of alternative music. Ezequiel has been part of several rock groups, as well as his own work as soloist. In spite of their youth, both  have more than 10 years of a very personal musical experimentation. Xiquis music reflects llevanan alternative vision to the universe.  Currently, they have added Juanma Cuadrado in drumms and are in the process of including a bass player and a vocalist to give a more electro-acoustic sound to the band.
Xiquis Homepage